Free charger offer

The unique free charger offer from Go Green Autos gives you:

Free loan of a portable charger

Free installation of a home wall charger

This gives you a hassle free switch to electric motoring, so you can start using your electric vehicle straight away without any worries about charging. Both are subject to the terms below.

Free loan of a portable charger

Some older electric vehicles may come with a portable charger, but increasingly they aren't as they are expensive items and often held back by the previous owner for their next vehicle or sold on eBay. The vehicle details on this website will show if a charger is included with the vehicle. Where one isn't, Go Green Autos can loan you a charger.

When you buy your first electric vehicle, there will probably be a period of around 2-4 weeks until you get your home wall charger installed. When you buy a vehicle from Go Green Autos, you can either borrow or purchase a portable charger (often called a granny cable) so you can charge your car from a normal 3-pin mains socket during this period.

These portable chargers simply plug into a normal 3-pin mains socket. The socket must be on a ring main (not a spur) so it can draw 10 amps constantly. The chargers are waterproof so can be used from an outside socket. You could you can charge from a socket in the garage or from the house via an open window, catflap or letterbox.

Why are these called a granny cable? Because you can charge your car when you visit your granny!

Conditions of loan of portable charger

  • A deposit equal to the full value of the charger (normally £269 or £329 depending on model supplied) is paid when you buy the vehicle. This is normally £329 inc VAT for the 10 meter charger, as we only stock the 10 meter versions now.

  • You can keep the charger for up to one month, which allows time for your home wall charger to be installed.

  • You can then decide whether to keep the charger (most do as they are handy) or return it.

  • If you wish to return the charger, you can either do this in person or send it via the post or by courier. The charger must be properly packaged and protected and the delivery costs are paid by you, the customer.

  • The full deposit is refunded upon receipt of the charger providing it is in full working order and in the same condition as it was supplied.

  • If when returned, the charger is not working, then the deposit is not refunded. If it is damaged then deductions will be made for repair or compensation. If it is not received or damaged in transit, then the same rules apply and it is up to you to claim from your courier, so the correct level of parcel insurance is highly recommended.

Portable Charger purchase

To purchase a charger with your vehicle, the prices are:

  • Type 1 or type 2 connector, 5 meter lead - £269 (£224.17+VAT)

  • Type 1 or type 2 connector, 10 meter lead - £329 (£274.17+VAT)

Free home charger installation

Go Green Autos partners with Rolec to provide free installation of a 32amp home wall charger.

Rolec are a UK manufacturer and have supplied over 75,000 charging points. The free installation offer is for a 32amp (7.2kW) type 2 socketed wall pod (suitable for all electric vehicles) and covers the 'standard' install fee and is subject to the OLEV grant paying the rest. Where extras are required which are not covered in the standard install, then the customer pays the installer for these.

Installation typically takes around 2-4 weeks. Rolec instruct the local installer, who will contact you and ask for information about your install and provide a quote and an installation date.

The wall charger is fully waterproof and is usually mounted on an outside wall.

Conditions of free home charger installation

  • The free offer covers the Rolec standard installation charge for an OLEV funded Rolec 32A type2 socketed wallpod only.

  • The standard installation covers around 90% of all installations. To qualify, your wall charger must be installed within 10 meters of a RCD protected consumer unit which must have a spare slot and suitable earthing. Also your property must be within 75 miles of an installer. Other requirements apply - see full details here. If extra work or parts are required for your installation, then these costs are to be paid by the customer.

  • If the customer wishes to upgrade to a tethered cable wall pod or any other type, then these upgrade costs are to be paid by the customer.

  • If you do not qualify for the OLEV grant and you commission the Rolec approved installer to install a wall charger at full cost, then the equivalent of the standard Rolec fee of £150 inc VAT will still be paid if they invoice Go Green Autos.

  • Workplace or commercial installations are not covered by the free offer.

  • If you wish to use another brand/manufacturer/supplier, the full costs are to be paid by the customer.

  • No cash alternative.

For more information, refer to Rolec grant funded home charging points.

Got solar panels?

If you have solar panels installed (or planning on getting them), the Zappi charger is recommended for charging your car, as this allows you to trickle charge your car from the excess solar energy, rather than exporting it to the grid. Unfortunately, the Zappi charger isn't included in the free charger offer, so it is up to you to arrange and pay for the installation with MyEnergi.

For further information, refer to the MyEnergi website and also watch these videos: