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Specialist EV supplier of only zero emission, 100% electric vans & cars

Go Green Autos Ltd sells only 100% electric, zero emission vehicles - primarily vans now, but also some cars. Based in Oxfordshire, UK and delivering EVs nationwide.

Established in 2017 to retail EVs without a legacy in the traditional combustion engine or hybrid motor trade.

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Pre-purchase inspections

Looking to buy an EV elsewhere? We offer pre-purchase vehicle inspections to checkout that vehicle for you.

Renault battery diagnostics

Got a Renault Zoe or Kangoo with a leased battery and want to know the state of health? We can hire you the tool for DIY battery diagnostics.

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Green number plates

Green number plates are only for zero emission vehicles - so no hybrids or range extenders. Go Green Autos can supply the new plates by post.

What pollutes more?

There's a lot of misinformation about pollution generated to fuel electric vehicles. This video explains the often ignored facts around fuel generation. The UK's grid is currently about 55% green and increasing.

Running costs

With the rising electricity prices, EVs are not as cheap to run as they were, but are they still cheaper than petrol or diesel? Try this calculator.

A used EV is more affordable than you think

Go Green Autos specialise in used vans and cars. All vehicles are 100% electric and zero emissions, so no hybrids. We're based near Oxford and delivering vehicles nationwide. Electric vehicles have been in the UK since 2010, so there's now a used market with choices of vehicles. The Nissan Leaf is now 11 years old, the Renault Zoe is now 9 years old!

You can drive the future now

New combustion engine vehicle will be banned in the UK in 2030. That is only 8 years away. EVs (factory made with lithium-ion packs) have been here in the UK for 12 years now and will become mainstream years before the ban. Switch to an electric car now, whilst your petrol or diesel car still has a decent second hand value!

New EVs can do 300+ miles per charge. The switch to electric is now happening rapidly.

Why drive an electric vehicle?

  • Zero emissions - good for the air we breathe

  • Cheaper to run

  • Zero road tax (until Apr 2025)

  • £20 of fuel gets you about 1,066 miles in an EV, if you charge overnight on cheap rate electricity, but only about 98 miles in a diesel! Charge at the new capped daytime rates and you'll still get about 288 miles in an EV (*).

  • No London Congestion Charge (saves up to £4,460 a year)

  • No London ULEZ charges (saves up to £4,550 a year)

  • Charge at home while you sleep

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Quiet and great to drive

  • EVs get cleaner as they age due to the increasing amount of renewable energy in the grid.

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(*) Based on an average economy of 4mpkWh and charging on an overnight EV tariff at 7.5p per kWh or a daytime capped rate of 35 per kWh. Diesel comparison based on an average economy of 40mpg with a fuel cost of £1.79 per litre. Figures based on 10/2022 fuel prices.

Why buy from Go Green Autos?

We only sell 100% electric vehicles - No hybrids or vehicles that emit emissions. We drive, understand and are experienced in a wide variety of EVs. Many customers come to us after finding that other motor dealers, even main agents selling new EVs, don't understand what they are selling or even still try to persuade them to purchase a diesel! See the testimonials and reviews from our customers.

At Go Green Autos, there is no pressurised selling. Just simple honest trading and advice. There's additional admin fees, no up-selling of insurance policies (warranty, GAP, puncture, glass etc) or paint treatments. We also don't advertise vehicles that aren't in stock or that we haven't purchased. All vehicles come with a type 2 charge cable. Many will also come with a portable charger (granny cable) if it was with the vehicle when it came in. If not, we can supply one.

Uniquely, electric vehicles from Go Green Autos are supplied with a free loan of a portable charger. This allows you to enjoy your new EV immediately without worries about public charging as you can charge from a normal 3-pin mains socket.

Subject to conditions. See free charger offer for further information.

What our customers are saying...

Free home charger offer withdrawn

If you've seen a Go Green Autos leaflet that says all vehicles come with a free wall home charger, then I'm sorry to say that this offer was withdrawn in 2018. This is because it was no longer viable due to the cost of the chargers increasing. Chargers rose following changes in electrical regulations and then increased again in July 2019 when they had to be 'smart' to qualify for the OLEV grant. Home charges are still subsidised (currently £350 OLEV grant) so will start from around £350 installed. See Home Charging and Free Portable Charger Offer for further information.