Vehicle delivery

Nationwide delivery

Vehicles are delivered nationwide and have gone afar afield as to Northern Ireland, Isle of Scilly, Ireland and even as far as Greece. However, we no longer sell vehicles outside of the UK.

Due to the detailed videos and information on this website, the majority of vehicles are sold without the customer viewing in person and the vehicle is delivered to them.  Vehicles are delivered on a flatbed transporter or trailer and come fully charged and ready to use. 

How much does delivery cost?

Deliveries locally in South Oxfordshire & West Wiltshire are free of charge. Deliveries elsewhere are chargeable and the cost is based on the distance travelled and the weight of the vehicle. For vehicles weighing under 1,700kg, the delivery costs £50 + £1.30 per mile + VAT. 

To work out the delivery cost yourself (including VAT), lookup the distance on GoogleMaps from postcode OX12 8RH to your location. Multiply £1.56 by the number of miles, plus an additional £60.

Vehicles weighing over 1,700 kg (i.e. Teslas, large SUVs) will cost more as they cannot be carried on a standard transporter. 

Delivery details

Local deliveries are normally undertaken by ourselves, with a transport partner doing the longer distance deliveries. We often deliver vehicles to customer's homes during the evenings or weekend. Outsourced deliveries normally take place 3-4 working days following receipt of full payment and completion of the battery lease transfer (if applicable). The 3-4 days notice is required by the transport company to schedule the delivery around other jobs, so they don't drive empty for too far.  These deliveries are mostly during working week hours and only an AM or PM timing can be specified. However, the driver will call to confirm the delivery time and deliveries can be at your workplace if it is more convenient.

Can I collect a vehicle myself?

Yes of course you can.  Some owners want to save money and collect the vehicle themselves. However, I try to discourage customers from collecting their vehicle when there's a long drive involved that is more than the range of the vehicle. This is because they're dropped into the deep end when driving their first EV and have to get to grips with getting used to the vehicle, public charging, using charging apps and range anxiety all at the same time. A long drive at motorway speeds is even worse, as range can drop quicker at motorway speeds, so the whole experience can turn out to be a bit negative.  This is no fault of the vehicle, but just the inexperience of the new EV driver.  It works out a far more positive experience if the car is delivered, fully charged and then the new user starts off driving and charging locally and gets to grips with their first EV while driving their normal shorter routes, before embarking on a long range trip. 

If the new EV does not have DC rapid charging, I always recommend these are delivered.

Also, in areas where there are less public rapid chargers or maybe not enough chargers on the route home, then it makes sense to get the vehicle delivered. As the charging network expands, this is getting less of an issue.

Page late updated 17/02/2023