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Hello, my name is Matt West and I started Go Green Autos in early 2017 and specialise in only zero emission, 100% electric vehicles. I started the business as I could see the traditional motor trade just didn't understand electric vehicles. The trade saw them as a 'hot potato', particularly vehicles with leased battery packs and consequently, early vehicles were coming off finance and had almost no value in the used market as dealers didn't want them on their forecourts. As a long term EV driver, I thought there needs to be someone selling these vehicles that understands them, so I started Go Green Autos.

Many customers come to Go Green Autos after finding that other motor dealers, even main agents selling new EVs, can't answer their questions and are still very negative about electric vehicles and even try to pursued them into a diesel!

See the testimonials and reviews from customers. These reviews will probably give you a better understanding of how I conduct my business, than I could write here.

Here are just a few examples of some of the hundreds of EV sold by Go Green Autos:

About Go Green Autos

Go Green Autos is a VAT registered business, trading since March 2017, with £5M public and products liability insurance. Customers have the same consumer rights buying from Go Green Autos as they do when buying from a franchised dealer.

Located in rural Oxfordshire but delivering vehicles nationwide. For those who are local or willing to travel, you're welcome to come view and try a vehicle. Please do call first to arrange an appointment first as the premises are not open regular hours and vehicles are kept in storage and not in the open on public display. For further details, see Contact.

There's no flashy showroom. The showroom is this website, with the YouTube videos and the photo galleries. A video on every vehicle details the condition. The aim of these videos is allow people to see the condition of the vehicle without having the hassle of travelling to view it in person first. The condition is shown in detail and any visible stone chips, scratches, dents or damage (not that there normally is any!) pointed out so people know what they are buying. I probably scrutinise the condition in more detail than most would do if they were looking at the vehicle in person and I'm often pointing out things that people just don't notice or aren't even bothered about. I don't hide anything, as there is no point. I want customers to be happy with their purchase and tell their friends and family. Vehicles are then either delivered to you either at home or work and arrive on a transporter truck or trailer and are fully charged and ready to use. Or they can be collected in person from Lyford.

Around 90% of the vehicles are sold without viewings and with lots of positive feedback from the videos. People can buy from far afield and not just locally in Oxfordshire. Vehicles have been delivered all over the UK and to Northern Island, some of the UK's remote islands such as Isle of Scilly and Orkney.

Go Green Autos stock quality used electric cars and vans, but also occasional source new vehicles straight from main dealer showrooms or lease company stock that hasn't found a customer. Most vehicles are one owner, ex-lease vehicles which are still within the manufacturer's warranty. All are HPI checked, prepared and serviced where necessary. If a vehicle needs new tyres, wiper blades or any repairs, it is done before the vehicle is offered for sale. Unlike some other dealers, I don't leave repairs to use them as a method of negotiating the asking price. Electric vehicles, just like ICE vehicles, are reliant on the 12V auxiliary battery under the bonnet, so this is always tested, charged and replaced if needed before a vehicle is delivered. All vehicles, including the vans, get new fitted carpet mats if none were present.

I want happy customers, who tell their friends and family and they do. Customers are now coming back and buying their second or third EV from Go Green Autos and often upgrading and part-exchanging their previous EV. In last 12 months, I've ended up selling some vehicles a second or third time around. Please have a look at the testimonials and reviews from customers.

The electric car market

While there are earlier cars, like the G-Wiz and conversion vehicles, 'proper' electric vehicles from major manufacturers with lithium-ion batteries have been in the UK since 2010 when Mitsubishi launched the i-MiEV. Then in 2011, Nissan launched the Leaf and Renault launched the Kangoo ZE and Fluence ZE., then the Zoe in 2013. These initially sold in small numbers, so very few early models exist in the used market. In later years sales increased as more manufacturers released electric models, but to date about 80% of all used EVs in the UK market will either be Nissan Leafs or Renault Zoes.

The majority of new vehicles are purchased on finance (lease or PCP), where cars are typically financed over 3 years and vans over 5 years. So until these vehicles are released from their initial finance, there are very few EVs in the used market. So for example, if you want a Kia e-Nero that was launched in the UK in Summer 2019, it will be Summer 2022 until there are any used models available in any numbers in the used market, as they are all tied up in their initial finance agreements. Even though the demand for EVs now is greater, you also have to consider how many EVs where sold 3-5 years ago when the demand was lower and this is also why there are so few used EVs around.

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