Electric van cargo sizes

All the currently available electric vans use the same body shells as the diesel models. The battery packs sit under the floor where the fuel tank and exhaust would have gone, so they have the same cargo dimensions as the diesel versions. However, payloads can differ slightly from their diesel counterparts.

The table below compares all the 100% electric vans cargo capacity. These figures are taken from the manufacturer's brochures.

Where alternative figures are shown in brackets, this is for models without the solid bulkhead and where the front seats can fold, giving additional load room or where a hatch in the bulkhead allows for long loads.

For more detailed figures, always refer to the manufacturer's brochure as bulkhead options make a difference to load dimensions.

Renault Kangoo ZE LL21 Maxi (LWB)

This video shows the cargo area in a 2012 Renault Kangoo Maxi with a solid bulkhead.

Peugeot Partner/Citroen Berlingo L1 (2013-2019)

This video shows you the cargo area dimensions from two Partner L1 vans, with different bulkhead options.