The buying process

This explains the process of buying a vehicle from Go Green Autos.


We do take holding deposits against vehicles.  If you're interested in a vehicle, join the mailing list and when a vehicle is ready for sale, an email is sent out to all. At this point, you should have seen all the information you need to decide to either arrange a viewing or go straight ahead and purchase. 

If you book a viewing, the vehicle is reserved until your arranged appointment time. If you agree to purchase the vehicle,  the vehicle is marked as "sale agreed" on the website and it is reserved for two working days, in which time one of the following should take place. You pay a non-refundable deposit towards the full balance, an application for finance or return a signed battery proposal form (for battery leased vehicles). When the vehicle has been paid for, it is marked as "sold", but it still may be here awaiting collection or delivery.


You are of course, welcome to view and try a vehicle, but you must arrange an appointment first. However, the majority of vehicles are sold without a viewing, The main objective of this website is to put as much information as possible about the vehicle, with large photographs, detailed videos with information on charging and range etc. The videos describe the condition of the vehicle and points out any negatives, which gives buyers the confidence to buy without physically viewing the vehicle. 

If you have viewed a second hand car before, you'll know that often cars don't live up to the advertised expectations.  We don't want that, so don't hide anything. We want happy customers who tell their friends and family. The videos enables customers from all over the UK to buy vehicles from Go Green Autos, without making long trips to view first.   Read the reviews & testimonials from customers who have done this.


We do offer part-exchange but selling petrol and diesel cars clashes with the 'Go Green' ethos, so these vehicles are passed on through the trade.  You will normally get the best price by selling your car privately yourself. Or you could also try Motorway or WeBuyAnyCar.

If you wish to part-exchange a vehicle, please complete the part-exchange form.


Once you have agreed to purchase, you will receive an invoice which will include the our bank details.  Payments can be by bank transfer (BACS or CHAPS).  We do not accept cards or Paypal, due to the costs incurred. Cheques are no longer accepted either.

All customers generally pay by bank transfer (BACS). When doing this, its advisable to first send a small initial payment to check you have the details setup correctly and it also stops the anti-fraud blocking, as many banks will now block large payments to a new sender. When sending the remainder, you may find your bank sets limits on the amount you can send at one time, so you may have to send the rest over in multiple transactions. Therefore, its advisable not to leave the bank transfer until the last moment, just in case the bank blocks it. Vehicles will not be released until payment is received in full.


Go Green Autos no longer offers finance. For further information on this and your options, see the Finance page.

Battery lease

If the vehicle has a battery lease, the battery agreement needs transferring and completing before the vehicle can be released.  This process normally takes 1-2 days if it can be done via email or about a week if done via post. All battery hire agreements are with RCI Bank (the finance company for Renault & Nissan).

It is a simple process:

If completed by email, the whole process can be completed within a day or two, but subject to RCI's workload.

Important: When scanning the documents back to RCI, you must scan files as a PDF, not a JPG, otherwise RCI will reject them. You cannot use a phone scanner app to photograph the documents either. If you don't have the facility of a proper scanner, then you will have to post the documents to back RCI.


Delivery is normally 3 working days following receipt of full payment and completion of the battery lease transfer (if applicable). The 3 days notice is required by the transport company to schedule the delivery around other jobs, so they drive empty as little as possible. The vehicle will arrive on a flat bed transporter or trailer and be fully charged and ready to use.  Deliveries are mostly during working week hours and only an AM or PM timing can be specified. The driver will call to confirm the delivery time and you will normally receive a tracking link where you can follow the driver's progress and see the latest ETA. Deliveries can be at your workplace if it is more convenient. For further information, see Delivery.

The V5 transfer is done online prior to delivery and you should receive a new V5 from the DVLA within about a week. The vehicle is also taxed for 12 months too.  You will receive email confirmations from the DVLA for both transactions.


Most vehicles are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.  On older vehicles where this has expired, you will receive a comprehensive warranty from Go Green Autos, for a period of three months. If you prefer to have a longer insurance backed warranty, then you can buy these online directly from multiple sources.

Cables & chargers

All vehicles from Go Green Autos come with a charging cable. This isn't the always the case elsewhere.

The vehicle page on the website details exactly what is supplied with the car. Some older cars may come with 3-pin 10A portable charger (granny cable), however newer generally cars do not.  These chargers are particularly useful when you first get your new car, as there is likely to be a 2-3 week period before you get your home charger unit installed.  When buying a car from Go Green Autos, all customers have the option to loan a portable charger if one isn't provided with the vehicle. See portable charger loan for full details.

Most EV drivers will want to have a higher powered wall charger installed.  If you have a off-street parking (i.e. a driveway) then you will qualify for the OLEV grant towards the cost of the installation. The installer will claim for this on your behalf.

For further information on home charging and who to use, see Charging.