Onsite vehicle diagnostics

Onsite EV diagnostics

After regularly receiving calls for help from EV drivers over the years, it was clear that an onsite service was needed that would help to diagnose vehicle problems which then allows the owner to choose the best course of action or find the most appropriate place for repair, which is often not the main dealership.
Or often owners just want to know the health of their battery pack and would rather not loose their car for a day or more at a dealership.

So we now offer an EV diagnostics service, where we come out to you.

What area do we cover?

Mainly Central Southern England and South Midlands. Click on the map below to see the areas we cover.

The inner area has a minimum fee of £180.
The outer area is a minimum fee of £240.

We can go further afield but its probably uneconomical. Off street or unrestricted parking must also be available at your location. We do not cover Central London, due to the traffic congestion and parking difficulties.

What vehicles are covered?

Any electric vehicle, except Tesla. We will add Tesla support in the future. Some of the Chinese vehicles such as MG and Maxus and vehicles less than two years old may have limited support on our diagnostic equipment, but we will advise further in advance.

What will it cost me?

See the map above. For locations within the inner circle, the minimum fee is £180 and £240 for the outer circle. This includes the call out and one hour onsite. For the majority of time this is all that is needed. If extra work is required, then this is charged at £48 per half an hour.

All prices include 20% VAT.

What do we do?

We come out to you and try to diagnose the problems with your vehicle and advise on the best cause of action for the repair. The majority of faults in a vehicle will illuminate warning lights on the dash. But these lights don't tell you what the problem is, only that there is a problem. The fault can sometimes be something quite simple and maybe sending it off to a main dealer isn't the best way to fix it. That is usually the most expensive way to fix it and will often take the longest time. It could be a fault that you are able to fix yourself, but just need a diagnostic scan to pinpoint the issue.

This is a diagnostic service, not a repair service. However, if it is something that can be repaired with the tools we carry, then we can do this.

We can also report the battery state of health (SoH) on most electric vehicles. If you just require this and have a Renault Zoe or Renault Kangoo EV, we offer a do-it-yourself scanner hire.

Under the bonnet on a Renault Kangoo ZE33 electric van
Battery health diagnostic
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