Renault Kangoo ZE ML20 van


This is a private sale of a Renault Kangoo electric van that Go Green Autos sold to the current owner in Nov 2019. The vehicle is located in Stoke Row, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. The seller is also including delivery (on a flatbed truck) within a 100 mile radius, which will make it easier for a buyer outside of the range of the vehicle (e.g. London).

This van is an ex-Fortnum & Mason vehicle, hence the green body colour and was originally a white van. It is fitted with the following factory additional extras: air conditioning, radio, passenger airbag, cruise control, overhead storage tray and centre armrest with storage. Being zero emission, it is exempt from the London congestion charge (at £15 per day) until Dec 2025, exempt from the London ULEZ zone (at £12.50 per day) and is also MoT exempt.

This Kangoo has a 22kWh leased battery pack, which guarantees the battery to 60% state of health and also includes Renault Assist roadside recovery. The battery lease is £25+VAT per month. Further information on the battery lease is below. Owners of leased battery vehicles can now also buy their batteries and cease the lease, so you have this option if you don't want the battery lease. The battery lease transfer to the new owner has to complete before the van is released. This process can take up to 2 weeks.

Being a zero emission vehicle, the van is London congestion zone exempt (after registering & until 25/12/2025), ULEZ exempt and has free road tax.

£10 of fuel gets you about 800 miles in an EV, if you charge overnight on cheap rate electricity, but only about 56 miles in a diesel! Charge on public chargers or daytime rates and you'll still get about 167 miles in an EV.

Based on an average economy of 4mpkWh and charging on an overnight EV tariff at 5p per kWh or a public or daytime rate of 24p per kWh. Diesel comparison based on an average economy of 40mpg with a fuel cost of £1.56 per litre. Figures based on 18/11/2021 fuel prices.

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Vehicle details

Model: Renault Kangoo ZE22 ML20
Registration: HV61XPH
Date of registration: 17/11/2011
Mileage: 46,195 (this may increase slightly)
Colour: Green


The range of a vehicle is dictated by the battery capacity, driving style and temperature. Just like a petrol or diesel vehicle, range is reduced is you drive fast or uneconomically. For further details, see Range Explained.

The current owner is getting around 50-60 miles range in the summer with their driving style. Urban driving would be more economical and therefore could see another 15-20 miles. As with all EVs, the range is reduced in the winter due to the cold. Cold winter range can be up to 25% lower, depending on heating use.


The Kangoo vans have a 16A/3.6kW type1 AC charger with no rapid charging facility. Charging is typically overnight or top-ups between trips. A full charge (from 0-100%) takes around 5-6 hours on a 7kW wall charger and up to 9 hours when using a portable charger on a normal 3-pin mains socket.

A type2 to type1 charging cable is included for connecting to a home, workplace or public chargers. To charge the van from a normal mains socket, requires a portable charger (often called a granny cable) which will require purchasing separately.


22kWh lithium-ion battery. The current state of health (SoH) is 74%, as tested on 08/11/2021. The battery is leased and therefore guaranteed for life. See below for further information on this.

RCI (i.e. Renault Finance) are now giving Kangoo ZE owners the opportunity to purchase their 22kWh batteries, so the new owner has the choice to continue to lease the battery or purchase it and own it outright. The cost would be around £1,800 but you'll have to get a current quote from RCI, as the price reduced with age.


The current MoT expires 20/10/2022. However, this electric van is exempt from MoT tests (see MoT tests for further details), so testing is not compulsory.

Price: £6,995 SALE AGREED

Includes delivery within 100 miles of RG9. This a VAT free van. A battery lease at £25+VAT per month also applies to this vehicle - see below.

Contact Seller

Please contact John on 07718 535953 or email.

Battery lease

All Renault Kangoo vans registered before 2016 have a battery lease. This means you own the vehicle, but hire the batteries from Renault Finance (RCI Bank). The advantages are:

  • Vehicle price is much lower

  • Peace of mind on older vehicles that your battery performance is guaranteed

  • If battery efficiency drops below 66%, Renault will repair or replace the battery

  • Roadside recovery

  • Easily transferred between owners

Rentals start from £25+VAT per month. See Battery lease explained page for further information.

See Battery lease explained page for further information.