Renault Zoe

Dynamique Intens


A late 2014 Renault Zoe with an owned 22kWh battery pack, so no lease payments. This is the rapid charge model with 43kW AC charging and can charge from 0-80% in only 30 minutes on a public rapid charger. The Dynamique model has a reversing camera, rear parking sensors, sat nav, bluetooth for phone & music streaming, auto wipers & lights, cruise control, electric windows and hands-free key card. The Zoe has an efficient heat pump heating system with climate control, together with timed or remote heating activation so the car is either heated or cooled while plugged into the charger, before your journey starts .

This car is a private sale, but by a local business. The car is one of their staff vehicles. The vehicle is located in Watchfield, Oxfordshire, SN6 8TY. Go Green Autos are advertising it to help find the seller a buyer. If required, nationwide transport could be arranged at AnyVan.

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Vehicle details

Model: Renault Zoe Dynamique Intens 22kWh
Registration: DS64WNN
Date of registration: 30/12/2014
Mileage: 52,000
Colour: Pearlescent white
: £8,250
Status: Now sold


The Zoe has a Chameloen onboard charger and can accept any AC single or 3-phase charging from 2.3kW-43kW. i.e. can be charged via a 10A 3-pin plug portable charger, 16A or 32A home charger or the public fast and rapid chargers (AC type 2 only).

Charging takes from 30 minutes to overnight, depending on what charger is being used. On a public 43kW rapid AC charger (i.e. at a motorway services or petrol station forecourt) the Q-motor Zoe will charge from flat to 80% in around 30 minutes. Charging on a home 7kW wall charger will take 4 hours to charge from flat to full.

  • 43kW AC rapid charging = 30 mins to charge from 0-80%

  • 7kW AC charging = 3.5-4 hours to charge from 0-100% or around 23 miles per hour of charging

  • 2.3kW AC charging (granny cable) = 12 hours to charge from 0-100% or around 7.5 miles per hour of charging


The range of a vehicle is dictated by the battery capacity, driving style and temperature. Just like a petrol or diesel vehicle, range is reduced is you drive fast or uneconomically. For further details, see Range Explained.

The official (NEDC) range is 149 miles, but in real life this is typically up to about 90 miles in the summer, depending on driving style. Range is less in the winter due to lower temperatures and heater use and can be up to 20% less.


While it is called the 22kWh battery, it is actually a 25.92kWh 400v lithium-ion battery, with an usable capacity of 23kWh. Battery was originally leased, but the current owner has purchased it from RCI, to end the lease.


65 kW (87 bhp) electric motor made by Continental, called the Q210, which allows 43kW rapid charging.


This vehicle has a Renault extended warranty in place until Dec 2021. This can be renewed annually and keep the vehicle covered until its 10 years old. The warranty is transferable to the new owner.


The current MoT expires 29/12/2021. The last MoT was done at 50,804 miles.

What's included

  • 2 remote keys

  • Original Renault type 2-to-type 2 charging cable

  • Original Renault portable charger (granny cable)

  • New MoT

  • Renault extended warranty until December

Price: £8,250 SOLD

This car is a private sale, by a local business. The vehicle is located in Watchfield, Oxfordshire, SN6 8TY.

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Please email or telephone 01367 710245 and ask for Dan. Say you saw the car on the Go Green Autos website.


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