Renault Zoe Dynamique Intens 22kWh


This is a private sale of a Renault Zoe that is located in Stoke Row, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Nationwide delivery can be easily arranged via AnyVan or Shiply if you require the vehicle to be delivered to you.

The Zoe is 43kW AC rapid charge version, with a 22kWh battery. The battery is currently leased, but you now have the option to purchase the battery (as the owner) to cease the lease. The current price of this is £1,800 and the price reduces with age. Buying the battery outright increases the value by about £500 more than the battery purchase price. This Zoe has recently been serviced, just received a new MoT and has a current Renault extended warranty in place, which can be renewed annually until the car is 10 years old.

The Dynamique model has a reversing camera, rear parking sensors, sat nav, bluetooth for phone & music streaming, auto wipers & lights, cruise control, electric windows and hands-free key card . The Zoe has an efficient heat pump heating system with climate control, together with timed or remote heating activation so the car is either heated or cooled while plugged into the charger, before your journey starts.
Included is a two charge cables, centre armrest and a
Hatchbag book liner (in black).

For the full information on the Zoe's, refer to the brochure below.

Renault Zoe ZE22 brochure
Apr 2013

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Vehicle details

Model: Renault Zoe Dynamique Intens
Date of registration:
40,039 (this may increase slightly)
Energy blue metallic
Price: £8,000


The range of a vehicle is dictated by the battery capacity, driving style and temperature. Just like a petrol or diesel vehicle, range is reduced is you drive fast or uneconomically. For further details, see Range Explained.

The official (NEDC) range is 149 miles, but in real life this is typically up to 90-100 miles in the summer, if driven economically. Range is less in the winter due to lower temperatures and heater use and can be up to 20% less. Top speed is 84 mph.

The range you can achieve with a full battery at different average driving economies is:

  • 4.8 mpkWh (super efficient city driving) = 105 miles

  • 4.5 mpkWh (efficient summer driving) = 99 miles

  • 4.0 mpkWh (average driving) = 88 miles

  • 3.5 mpkWh (efficient winter driving) = 77 miles

  • 3.0 mpkWh (very cold winter driving) = 66 miles


The Zoe has a type2 AC onboard charger and can accept any AC single or 3-phase charging up to 43kW. i.e. can be charged via a 3-pin plug portable charger (2.3kW), wall charger (7kW), 3-phase public charger (22kW) or a or the public AC rapid charger (43kW).

Charging takes from 30 minutes to overnight, depending on what charger is being used. On a public 43kW rapid AC charger (i.e. at a motorway services or petrol station forecourt) the Q-motor Zoe will charge from flat to 80% in around 30 minutes. Charging on a home 7kW wall charger will take 4 hours to charge from flat to full.

Charge times are:

  • 43kW AC rapid charging = 30 mins to charge from 0-80%

  • 7kW AC charging = 3.5-4 hours to charge from 0-100% or around 23 miles per hour of charging

  • 2.3kW AC charging (granny cable) = 12 hours to charge from 0-100% or around 7.5 miles per hour of charging


While it is called the 22kWh battery, it is actually a 25.92kWh 400v lithium-ion battery, with an usable capacity of 23.3kWh. The battery is leased at a cost of £49 per month. The lease agreement gives you a battery guaranteed for lifetime to 75% SoH and roadside assistance. See below for further details on the battery lease. RCI are now giving owners of leased battery vehicles the option to purchase their packs. The current purchase price (Dec 2021) is £1,800. You can do this at any time and the older the pack is, the cheaper the purchase price.


65 kW (87 bhp) electric motor made by Continental, called the Q210, which allows up to 43kW AC rapid charging.


This Zoe has the Renault Extended Warranty in place, which can be transferred to the new owner and can be renewed annually until the vehicle is 10 years old. The current extended warranty expires 28/02/2022. See Renault Extended Warranties for more details.


A new MoT has just been completed, ready for the sale. The current MoT expires 29/11/2022.

Service history

The service book has 6 stamps. The last service was completed on 16/10/2021.

Price: £7,995 SOLD

A battery lease at £49 per month also applies to this vehicle - see below.

Contact Seller

Please contact John on 07718 535953 or email.

Battery lease

All Renault Zoes of this age have a battery lease. This means you own the vehicle, but hire the batteries from Renault Finance. The advantages are:

  • Vehicle price is much lower

  • Peace of mind on older vehicles that your battery performance is guaranteed

  • If battery efficiency drops below 75%, Renault will repair or replace the battery

  • Roadside recovery, which includes breakdown and even flat battery

  • Easily transferred between owners

Rentals start from £49 per month. See Battery lease explained page for further information.

See Battery lease explained page for further information