Tesla Model S 90D


A facelift Tesla Model S 90D in multi-coat metallic red and black premium interior. This car has the black next generation seats, piano black decor, light headliner, power & lighting package, Autopilot with convenience features, premium upgrades package, smart air suspension and the 19" silver slipstream wheels. This car also has the glass panoramic roof with the sunroof. The sunroof type roof is the only one that can fit roof bars. Included with the car is a set of Whisbar roof bars. Also included with the vehicle is a Tesla Wall Connector, Tesla's home wall charger. This has been removed from the owner's property and you would need to get an electrician to re-install it. The car is currently fitted with winter tyres and included is a set of summer tyres which can be refitted in the Spring. The car also has a Tesla extended warranty in place which is transferable and covers the next 3 years or 40,800 miles.

The dual motors (4WD) have a total of 417bhp and 658Nm of torque. The 0-62 dash is done in just over 4 seconds and it has a top speed of 155mph.

This is a private sale and is being sold by Go Green Autos on their of the local owner. We're advertising it and will host any viewings and test drives. The sale and financial transaction is between yourself and the owner. The vehicle is at Go Green Autos in Lyford for viewing and test drives if required.

For further information on the Tesla Model S, refer to the brochure below.

Telsa Model S US brochure 2016

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Vehicle details

Model: Tesla Model S 90D

Registration: LF66SPZ

Date of registration: 20/09/2016

Mileage: 35,371 (this may increase slightly)

Colour: Red multi-coat metallic


The Model S charges at up to 11kW on AC power and 120kW on DC. Using a 7.4kW wall charger, it will add about 21 miles per hour of charging. A full charge from 0-100% wil take up to 13.5 hours. When using a Tesla SuperCharger it can charge from 10-80% in around 40 minutes.

Included with the car is a type2-to-type2 AC charging cable, a Tesla portable charger (granny cable) and also a Tesla wall charger which has been removed from the owner's property.

This car does not have free SuperCharging, as it was supplied used via Tesla UK a year ago (Tesla remove that option on used cars).


The range of a vehicle is dictated by the battery capacity, driving style and temperature. Just like a petrol or diesel vehicle, range is reduced is you drive fast or uneconomically. For further details, see Range Explained.

The official range is 346 miles using the NEDC test cycle, but in the real world you get around 285 miles or slightly more If driven economically.


90kWh lithium-ion battery with a usable capacity of around 83.5kWh. Battery is owned and has an 8-year manufacturer's warranty from new.


The manufacturer's warranty from new was 8 years on the drivetrain. Therefore, the warranty cover is until 19/09/2024 on the battery pack and powertrain. This vehicle also has a 4 year/50,000 mile extended warranty from Tesla which started 22/01/2020 and is transferable to the new owner. This warranty is valid until 21/01/2024 or to 76,171 miles, whichever is sooner. The warranty document is below.


Watch the video above for a review of the condition and look at the photos in the photo gallery.

The car is currently running on winter tyres. Included is a set of summer tyres. The tyre tread depths are:

Winter tyres: Nokian WRA4 245/45R19 102V XL. Fronts 7.0mm, rears 7.2mm. These tyres have only done about 3,000 miles.
Summer tyres: Continental ContiSport Contact5 245/45R19 Y XL. All tyres around 6mm tread depth (5.6mm at worst). These tyres have done about 6,500 miles.

New tyres typically are 6.5-7.5mm tread depth. The legal limit is 1.6mm.


The current MoT expires 10/11/2021. The last test was done at 26,036 miles.

Service history

Tesla's don't have fixed maintenance schedule or service history records like tradition cars.
Included is receipt showing it had a front passenger airbag recall completed in June 2020.

Number of owners

2 since new. V5 shows 1 previous keeper.

What's included

  • 2 keys

  • Tesla wall charger with 8 mtr cable (requires an electrician to install)

  • 4 x Continental summer tyres

  • Whispbar roofs bars (supplied by Tesla)

  • Tesla UMC charger (granny cable) including commando adaptor

  • 3-phase type 2 charging cable

Price: £41,750

This is a private sale.

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