Setting up the app for a Nissan Leaf
or Nissan E-NV200

Most new owners will want to setup the phone app to communicate with vehicle, to remotely monitor the battery charge level or switch on the heating. However, the app can be temperamental as communications with the car can fail and they can often end up being something you'll not use after a couple of weeks. Some vehicles are better than others, but unfortunately the Nissan app is one of those which isn't the most reliable. Setting up the app isn't straight forward either and because Nissan have made changes to the app and their systems, the process is probably now completely different to what is shown in the vehicle's user manual.

The app to use now on most Nissan EVs, is the Nissan ConnectEV app. Check here for vehicle compatibility.

The process of setting up an account, pairing the car should be done via the web and not through the app. Installing and signing in to the app is the last step of the process. This page does not guide you through the whole process in detail, but more point you in the right direction in terms of the steps needed. Watch the video below which shows the process, but watch the whole video first as the chap makes mistakes on the way. Jump to 5 minutes in to see the correct process.

The simplified setup process

  1. On a PC or tablet, setup an account with Nissan. Visit

  2. Add your vehicle using the VIN number.

  3. Go to Connected Services and go through the 'ownership check' process. This will involve turning your vehicle on and off.

  4. Subscribe to the ConnectEV app under the available subscriptions. This is free of charge.

  5. When all those steps are completed, you can now switch to your phone and install the app. The app sign in wont work until the subscription is working on the previous steps.

  6. Sign in to the app.

The detailed step by step guide

This PDF below from Nissan goes through all the steps in detail.

Quick start guide to Nissan ConnectEV

Written 12/10/2021