PTC heater failures on Renault Kangoo ZE 22kWh & Nissan Leaf

The Renault Kangoo ZE 22kWh (2010-2017), Nissan Leaf 24kWh gen1 (2011-2013), Visia models (non-heat pump) and probably the E-NV200 use a PTC (resistive) heater manufactured by Eberspacher which heat water. Other EVs that have a heat pump heating system also use PTC heaters, but are not 'wet' systems and add additional instant heating to aid the heat pump. All PTC heaters are proving to be unreliable.

Here's a video I made which shows you the heater unit from a Kangoo ZE and was filmed before I created this webpage.

These heater units cost around £848+VAT from your Nissan or Renault dealer. When you also include the diagnostics and labour to replace it, the job will end up costing around £1,300+VAT. Also a failed heater can often blow a fuse (part no. 8201242688 in the Kangoo ZE) in the DC/DC junction box and these cost £110+VAT and incur additional labour of course.

You could try a Hevra garage as an alternative and normally cheaper option than using the main dealers.

I have contact Eberspacher to see if they can offer the EV community a repair or refurbish service on these heaters as they are too expensive to thrown away and replaced by the main dealers. More details will be added here when I have some further information.

Part numbers Eberspacher 27143-7360RET , Renault 271433935R, 271431315R
Written 05/01/2020