Renault Zoe armrest fitting

The centre armrest is an accessory available from Renault which also gives you another useful storage cubby, with a card holder on the underside of the lid.

Below are the fitting instructions and a quick video to explain what's required to fit the centre armrest in a Renault Zoe. In the example in the video, the charcoal fabric version is shown.

Part numbers

Light grey - 8201256985 Blue - 8201332283 Charcoal - 8201332 286

Fitting instructions

2018 New design & part numbers

The armrest has changed slightly and also now has new part numbers.

8201720833 - light grey

8201720832 - black & white (but this is the same 'charcoal' fabric as used in 2013-2015 Dynamique Intens and 2015+ Dynamique Nav models)

8201709012 - black

Fitting instructions

In August 2018, the UK price of item 8201720832 is £101.25+VAT, so £121.50 inc VAT. The price has reduced as the previous model was around £150.

Go Green Autos do not stock these items, so if you wish to purchase one, please contact the parts dept at your local Renault dealership.