Renault Zoe phone app

What does the app do?

The phone app allows you to do the following:

  • See battery state of charge & estimated range

  • See current charging status

  • Schedule charging

  • Start pre-conditioning either instantly or setup a timer

However, the app can be unreliable at times or you can experience delays due to your phone, the server and the car all needing to have good internet communications to work. To use this you need to subscribe to Renault Connected Services, which they do charge a fee. However, more recently they have been providing it to users free of charge. If you can get the "connected services" free of charge, then you might as well try it. But my own view is that this service isn't worth paying for and I found it was a bit of fun for a week and then I've hardly used it since.

The app is just accessing an online account. Once you have the account setup, you can do everything from the web, either on a PC or tablet.

Renault ZE Services online account >

Setting up the Renault Connected Services

You need to call Renault Connected Services on 0344 369 0000 (open 9:00-17:30 Mon-Fri)

And ask for an activation to use the app. They will ask for your vehicle registration and possibly the VIN too.

They will then email you some instructions to create an online account. The most important thing is to wait at least 24 hours (but it can take 2-3 days) before going online and proceeding. Renault take a while to activate their end. Proceeding early will only result in error messages.

Once you have waited at least 24 hours, go to Renault ZE Services online account and setup your new account.

Once done, you can them download the app and log in.

Android app >

IOS app >

Video guides

These videos from Renault are rather old now and the look and feel of the app and web page have changed since.