Renault Zoe updating R-Link

Updating the R-Link system on a Renault Zoe

It is advisable to update the software in the R-Link system in your Renault. However, this process does require some IT skills, a Windows or Mac computer with an SD card reader and quite a bit of time and patients! If you're not comfortable doing this, then there is no problem with leaving it alone and not updating the software. To be honest, after most updates, you'll be hard pushed to find the changes.

This isn't a detailed step-by-step guide on how to do this. Its more of a brief overview to point you in the right direction and explains the steps you need to take. The rest should be self explanatory as you go through the steps if you have a basic understanding of computers and downloading files.

The first step is you need to gather the following information:

  • Your car's VIN number. This is on your V5 document and also at the base of the windscreen.

  • Your R-Link serial number. Get this from the R-Link via Menu - System - Status & Information - Version Information. Then you need the device serial number.

Then you need to eject your SD card from the car. You must 'eject' it in the R-Link system first and not just pull it out from its slot. To do that go to Menu - System - Remove SD card.

Next step is to go to the Renault R-Link Store website and create an account. In this process you'll need to add a vehicle, where you'll use the information above.

Then you download and install the R-Link Toolbox software onto your PC. There is a Windows and a Mac version. This software handles the file downloads and puts them onto the SD card.

Once installed, you can insert your SD card into the PC (or card reader) and let the R-Link Toolbox software install the files. It can take a long time do this. Maybe up to 1 hour or more. It can also fail, so let it repeat. It will eventually work.

Then when the Toolbox software says "Your R-Link memory card is up-to-date", you can remove the card and put it back into the car.

Go to the car and insert the SD card.

Turn on the motor (engine) and turn on the R-Link. Let the software update. It will take a long time. Maybe up to 45 minutes. The R-Link may reboot multiple times. You need to keep the motor on, so the ignition doesn't time out, turning off the R-Link during the process.

Some video guides to assist you with this:

Navigation route planning

By updating the SD card, you also update the navigation software. One welcome feature that will get added to older Zoe's is the option to choose between different routes, so it doesn't just default to the fasted route. To enable a choice of routes, go to the Navigation settings and you'll find an option to choose your route type each time. Sometimes the shortest route is needed in an EV!